We are specialists in Conservative Dentistry

Our team of professionals wants to see our patients satisfied, which is why we try to achieve their best smile both in health and aesthetics.

If the solution for your oral health is solely and exclusively the most invasive treatments, we will also be here to help you.

At Laura Fernández Dental Clinic, an important part of our mission is to help you keep all your natural teeth intact, strong and healthy for life.

From your first visit, we will work with you to create a treatment plan that takes into account the best oral care both at home and in the clinic.

Once we have made a correct diagnosis, we will help you understand the probable causes and risk factors, and discuss your future oral health outcomes with the most appropriate treatment.

We also provide you with a personalized dental care and hygiene plan that you can follow at home, including daily diet and lifestyle changes that will benefit your overall health and well-being.

What is Conservative Dentistry?

Conservative dentistry maintains your teeth with minimally invasive treatments. The goal is to treat your teeth without removing any healthy tooth structure.

What will you achieve with Conservative Dentistry?

less discomfort
Menos molestias
Conservative treatments require fewer visits.
more savings
Más ahorros
By addressing only what needs to be done, you can save money in the short and long term.
Conservative dentistry is the moral and ethical thing to do.

Our main conservative treatments

Conservative dentistry encompasses different treatments that are always focused on the same objective: To be as less invasive as possible, trying to maintain the best condition of each of the original teeth at the end of the treatment.

The so-called preventive dentistry is also part of conservative dentistry, with which the need for dental treatments is reduced in the medium and long term by sealing fissures, simple or complex fillings and endodontics.

Obturación img
A dental filling or obturation is a simple treatment to solve small cavities until the reconstruction of very damaged teeth. The diagnosis of caries must be carried out with the greatest urgency since if it is not detected in time it can affect the nerve of the tooth.
The dental reconstruction technique involves the repair of the tooth (it is performed both on incisors and molars damaged by decay or trauma). The objective of this treatment is for the patient to recover the functionality and aesthetics of his tooth.
root canal
Endodoncia img
A root canal should be performed when an infection or inflammation appears in the inner area of the tooth, which is made up of soft tissue that contains nerves and blood vessels. Endodontics allows to cure the tooth when there is said infection and inflammation, and to save it without extracting it. It is necessary to carry out this treatment in cases of: deep caries, cases of trauma or abrasion, erosion and wear.
Bruxismo img

Chronic grinding can cause muscle overload and temporomandibular joint pain, as well as tooth wear. When this occurs, bridges, crowns, root canals, implants, partial and even full dentures may be needed.

Our treatment at the Laura Fernández Dental Clinic consists of a splint or discharge plate, which is a resin device that is adapted to each patient to combat the involuntary habit of grinding and thus be able to protect your teeth.

Corona img
A dental crown refers to the treatment that is used to cover those deteriorated dental pieces. It is placed to recover a damaged tooth, although it can also be used to improve the aesthetic appearance of one or more dental pieces. With a dental crown it is possible to improve different aspects of the tooth. Both color and shape of the tooth.
Incrustaciones img
Dental inlays are restorations used to repair teeth, generally posterior ones, that have mild to moderate fractures or decay. It is, therefore, a conservative treatment to improve aesthetics and functionality. The main difference between a dental filling and an inlay lies in the materials used, the time required to set the tooth, durability and cost.
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