Try to give and you will see how great you feel

Solidarity consists of giving something to someone, whether material or emotional, without expecting anything in return. We have all received solidarity from others at some point. It may be that we received it because we needed it, but it is likely that we will need it again in the future. At Laura Fernández Dental Clinic, we are very committed to it.

We help with our material

Due to the state of health emergency in which we find ourselves due to the CORONAVIRUS, a need for sanitary material has arisen. Being in solidarity with the need for this material in our town of Cieza, we have donated these materials:

Collaboration with schools in the training of children on dental hygiene habits

We collaborate with different non-profit schools in Cieza and we import training for the little ones.
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Letter to the Magi for needy families

Collaboration with the Cieza Municipal Social Welfare Center to help families and children in great need.
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Friend Association Collaboration
(women with breast cancer)

The friendly association of Murcia promotes, together with the College of Dentists and the University of Murcia, a program for the prevention and control of oral complications that may arise as a result of chemotherapy treatments in patients with breast cancer. We have decided to join this non-profit collaboration.

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