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We are your clinic

We are one of the reference centers in oral health, pediatric dentistry, implantology and dental aesthetics in Cieza.

You will find us at Camino de Murcia 42, where we serve all dental specialties, cabinets equipped with the most advanced technologies and endowed with a team of doctors specialized in each of the branches of dentistry.
We have experts in aesthetics, pediatric dentistry, endodontics, periodontics, dental prosthetics, orthodontics, implants and surgery. All qualified with total experience to solve each of the problems and doubts that each patient may have.
We have the latest products in dental aesthetics and whitening, also in orthodontics and high-end implants, and we work with the best dental laboratories, so that in the shortest possible time you can have the smile you always wanted.
Today we are proud of the path we have traveled for many reasons, including having provided ourselves with the human and technological resources that allow us to carry out state-of-the-art treatments and, above all, for the relationship created with our patients.
Because no two people are the same, no two treatments are the same.
The attention is personalized at all times, budget to measure after a detailed study of your needs.

Our Team of Professionals

Laura Fernández 2021

Laura Fernandez

Direction and Orthodontics

Fighter and dreamer. Good things happen to those who wait for them, the best to those who go for them.

David Lucas

Management and Direction

If you don't want similar results, don't always do the same thing.

Alberto Gómez de Salazar 2021

Alberto Gomez de Salazar

Periodontics, Implants and Surgery

Hardworking and demanding in my work, always looking for the best solution for my patients.

Miriam Portaceli

Aesthetics, Prosthetics and General Dentistry

Loving and perfectionist. I like to get to know each patient to be able to give them the most personalized treatment and offer them the best of myself.

Laura Carrillo 2021

Laura Carrillo

General odontology
Constant and perfectionist. Faithful to the principles of current Dentistry in order to offer quality treatment focused on the patient.
Ana Gabaldón 2021

Ana Gabaldon

General Dentistry and Prosthetics

Responsible, with experience and commitment to offer quality dentistry to our patients.

Mar Hernández 2021

Mar Hernandez

pediatric dentistry

Meticulous and perfectionist in her diagnoses and treatments for our child patients.

Marta Granero 2021

Martha Barn


Rigorous attention to detail and excellent personal treatment; I always pursue the perfect root canal.

Maria Jose Vazquez


Committed, prudent and grateful, I always work to achieve the confidence, tranquility and better smile of my patients.

Cristina Vázquez 2021

Cristina Vazquez


Friendly, pleasant and efficient. I work hard so that my patients have their best smile.

paqui garcia


Hard-working, orderly and ready for anything. I try to make our patients feel comfortable at all times.

Leticia Ortíz 2021

Leticia Ortiz

Perfectionist, orderly, grateful and smiling. I always seek the satisfaction and comfort of our patients.
María José Vicente 2021

Mary Joseph Vincent

Assistant / Community Manager

Fun and natural, my satisfaction is to make our patients feel at home.

Rocio Garcia

Patient Care
Empathetic and outgoing, I never deviate from my goal: to offer a unique and unbeatable treatment to our patients.
Desirée Pérez 2021

Desiree Perez

Patient Care
Responsible, attentive and active listener. I always try to do my best, I am able to understand and respond to the needs of our patients.
Encarna García 2021

Encarna Garcia

Patient Care

Responsible and close. I like to feel and treat our patients as if they were my family.

Noemí Martínez 2021

Noemi Martinez

patient care

Charismatic and attentive to make you feel as you deserve. I love what I do and with that I achieve success.



iTero intraoral scanner
Escaner Intraoral

Not only does it improve diagnosis and streamline procedures, but it also allows the specialist to have greater precision in any treatment.

PaX-i3D Smart
Pax I3D Inteligente
The 3D dental CT or Computed Axial Tomography is an innovative technique that uses a minimum dose of X-rays to obtain three-dimensional images of the patient's anatomical structures, in our case teeth, maxillary, upper and lower bones, soft tissues and nerve path.
dental equipment
Equipos Dentales
We have Kavo and Stern Weber multifunctional chairs that provide maximum comfort to our patients.
RXDC offers extremely high-level imaging and precision of detail, thanks to its constant potential high-frequency (DC) generator. With a very small focal spot (0.4 mm), it is possible to obtain sharp and highly defined images.
disinfection and sterilization
Desinfección y Esterilización
We always work with cutting-edge technology, also in the field of cleaning, disinfection and sterilization. We believe that it is not necessary to skimp and that it should be the most important part in any medical specialty. We like to be demanding with ourselves, using state-of-the-art machinery and instruments to work in a pristine manner.
Implant motor
Motor Implantes
The VarioSurg system provides greater visibility to the surgeon in any circumstance thanks, facilitating the success of the treatment and minimizing time.
X-Smart Plus
Like any treatment, endodontics has also advanced in terms of technology, so the use of certain materials as technological devices that we routinely use in endodontics will help us increase the success rate of these treatments.
Zoom lamp
Lámpara Zoom
It is the No. 1 professional whitening worldwide and the most requested by patients. It has won numerous awards for its operation, innovation and effectiveness. It offers a wide variety of treatment options that adapt to the needs of each patient. It is a light-activated clinical whitening system. It is considered the best lamp for whitening treatments in the clinic.
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